Haystack360, LLC is a company committed to helping everyday people access solutions that oftentimes may feel like a search for a needle in a haystack. All those needs, or needles, as we cleverly call them, can all be found in our haystack.

Experience personalized service that guides you. Whether you need help with formulating a game plan and mapping out step 1 to get a life-plan in order, or if life has tossed you an unexpected event like death, illness, legal woes, financial setbacks, credit issues, marital discord or you are faced with the unknowns of establishing a business and business credit, college planning, assistance with completing scholarship applications…haystack is here to help you with all of those needles and many more. Quit trying to figure it out on your own.

Our goal is simple. We strive to be your one, centrally located and trusted site to come to first as you begin any needs-based service search. With our concierge platform, coupled with our member-partner program, we can offer you special discounted and arranged rates/benefits on all services you require, PLUS we engage with you through our concierge platform to give you the personalized service to guide you through every step.

Haystack is built with you in mind. We are here to provide the everyday person with personalized, concierge treatment, usually reserved for the privileged-but we believe it should be readily available to all.

Let haystack help you find those needles from receiving a cash offer to buy your real estate, accessing a CPA, finding legal aid, searching real estate opportunities, searching for insurance quotes, initiating credit repair, engaging estate liquidation services, consulting on financial planning to coordinating movers…let haystack guide you.


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Plano, Texas 75024


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